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Indulás: 2016-11-30

By Night

Ingredients: Mandarin, freesia, almond, peach, apple, ambergris, vanilla

Glam X

Ingredients: Star anise, caramelized peach, mandarin, lily of the valley, vanillaflower, jasmine, sandalwood, amber, musk

Red Sin

Ingredients: Red apple, cinnamon, cyclamen, ginger, musk, sandalwood


Ingredients: Mandarin, jasmine, peach, plum, vanilla, currant tea, sandalwood, musk, ambergris

Touch of Seduction

Ingredients: Raspberry, lychee, freesia, rose, honey suckle, iris, musk, vanilla, sandalwood


Ingredients: Plum, pomegranate, night jasmine, turkish rose, cashmere, vanilla, tonka bean


Ingredients: Pear, bergamot, pink pepper, lychee, magnóoia, violet leaves, rose, honey suckle, amber, sandalwood

Secret Potion

Ingredients: Maracuja, lemon, mandarin, lotus, jasmine, orange blossom, musk, tonka bean, ebony

Royal Desire

Ingredients: Blackcurrant, yuzu, marshmallow, honey suckle, lily, iris, rose, cedar, sandalwood, musk

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Ingredients: Sicilian bergamot, italian mandarin, red apple, vanilia orchid, diamond orchid, hinoki wood, ambergris, helitrope. musk

Violet Noir

Ingredientspassionflower red grapefruit, orange blossom, rose extract, goat lily, golden amber, musky liquid patchouli.



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